Dr. Adams and his staff are great! As a family with 6 growing kids, we highly recommend it. Usually kids are afraid when you hear the word “dentist” yet for us, they look forward to it. You will not be disappointed.
Keke L.

Our family has been seeing Dr. Adams for 11 years and we couldn’t be happier. Dr. Adams has an amazing way of connecting with kids, no matter the age. From as young as 2 years old and into the teenage years he has provided my two children professional and comprehensive dental service along with his friendly charm. I trust his professional judgment completely and look forward to our visits.
Heather B.

My daughter was recently seen by Dr. Aneil whom she loved very much. She was excited about the loss of her first tooth and shared her experience with the tooth fairy with Dr. Aneil with great excitement. Even though she was offered a choice to watch a movie throughout the appointment, the assistant and Dr. Aneil kept her engaged in conversation which made her comfortable and talkative throughout the whole appointment. She thought Dr. Aneil was funny and she loved his spiderman shoes too!! Maria our dental assistant was kind and gentle with her as well. Dr. Aneil, thank you for making my daughter’s visit wonderful!
Anne G.

Dr. Adams and Samudio have been caring for my children’s teeth since they were 1. It has always been a wonderful experience and the results outstanding. Today we met yet another wonderful Doctor at this office (Dr. Anil). Once again a great experience. The hygienists in this office are super friendly making it a great place for kids. Maria was the hygienist today.
Noela N.

I’ve been a patient at this clinic since I was about 5 years old and I could not have asked for better care. They’re always so accommodating when it comes to scheduling and rescheduling appointments. The doctors and assistants make sure to maintain a comfortable and welcoming environment for all their patients.
I’ve had the good fortune of being under the care of the Dr.’s Adams, Ponce, and Aneil and I can say with confidence that they are some of the most knowledgeable and attentive dentists a patient could ask for.
The environment itself is very soothing, especially for children who are nervous about going to the dentist. There’s a play room filled with beanbag chairs and books to entertain them while they wait and a wide selection of video games and DVDs for them to watch while the doctor’s seeing them.
If you’re looking for a supportive and accessible dentists’ office to bring your children, Pediatric Dentistry of Palo Alto is what you’re looking for!
Lindsey S.

From the second we walked in the office, my son was at ease, and, so was I. Most doctor visits tend to be a challenge, but our experience here was phenomenal. The staff here know kids! They kept my son engaged during the entire visit, we’re kind, and respectful. As a parent of a child with special needs, I highly recommend this office and the staff!
Rosie Q.

Dr. Adams is a great dentist for kids. He is technical and informative which appeals to my kids, and he is friendly and approachable, so they ask even more questions. We’ve gone to Dr. Adams for over 7 years, and the whole family appreciates his attention to detail, great chair-side manner, and the high quality of service in his practice.
Lisa M.

Wow! This was such an amazing experience for my kids…I really didn’t think you could make going to the dentist so comfortable! From the fish tanks to the televisions to the dental assistants and finally the awesome doctor!
I have to admit my wife and I were extremely bummed when we were told one of our little ones had cavities. we thought we would come here for a second opinion and felt really comfortable with Dr. Aneil. He communicates really well with the kids. I’m so glad we found this place!!
Michael C.

We are very pleased with Dr. Aneil Kamboj and the staff at Pediatric Dentistry of Palo Alto. In addition to the excellent service and facilities, Dr. Aneil shares a great rapport with his little clients. He explains the procedure in an easy to understand and playful manner, putting our 6 year old son at immediate ease. The office visit is often (depending upon the reason of the visit) followed up with a personal call by Dr. Aneil to check up on post-procedure recovery. We are happy to have found the practice and highly recommend them to anyone looking for skilled as well as compassionate dental professionals with excellent chair-side manner!
Vandana A.

My kids have been coming to Dr. Adams for 2 years now and they love it. Dr. Adams is great with them and really takes the time to let them (and me) know what they are doing well in terms of their dental care and what they need to improve. His dental care has been fantastic (no cavities!) and I would highly recommend his practice to anyone with kids.
Paula W.

Dr. Adams and his team are EXCELLENT! My son, who has cerebral palsy and developmental delays, has been seeing Dr. Adams for over 3 years. We were seeing another pediatric dentist, but this dentist and team weren’t comfortable with my son’s somewhat difficult behaviors. Dr. Adams and team have been able to do x-rays, extractions, cleanings and even fixed a cracked tooth–all but one procedure were under sedation. The staff is very patient, and I don’t feel at all pressured or rushed to be out of the office quickly. My son truly enjoys going to the dentist.
Bonnie D.

Dr. Adams and colleagues have provided great care to our now 11-yr old son. The hygienists all have really great rapport with the kids, and Dr. Adams is really down to earth and sensible. When my son was about 4 he landed on his face and possibly fractured a front tooth high up near the root. Dr Adams advised a sensible wait and see approach, and in the end it healed itself. Dr. A also has great taste in music, the jazz and tunes playing in the office are usually his doing!
David L.