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Navigating Pediatric Dental Emergencies: Expert Advice from Pediatric Dentistry of Palo Alto

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Prompt Support During Dental Emergencies

When faced with a dental emergency involving your child, the team at Pediatric Dentistry of Palo Alto is here to provide immediate, compassionate assistance. Recognizing the urgency of such situations, we offer an emergency contact service after hours to ensure your child receives the necessary care without delay.

Managing Urgent Dental Situations

Knocked-Out Tooth:

For a tooth that has been knocked out, gently rinse it without scrubbing the root, and place it in a container with milk. Time is critical for the possibility of saving the tooth, so contact us or go to the hospital right away.

Loose Tooth:

If your child has a loose tooth that poses a risk of being swallowed or inhaled, it may need to be removed. Call our practice for guidance or to arrange an appointment.


For toothaches, rinse the mouth with warm water to clean it out and inspect for any trapped food. Apply a cold compress to ease discomfort. Avoid applying heat or aspirin to the sore area. Oral pain relievers can be used, and an appointment should be made as soon as possible.

Suspected Broken Jaw:

If a broken jaw is suspected, use a cold compress to manage any swelling and contact our emergency line or visit the hospital immediately. A significant blow to the head could require urgent medical attention.

Bitten Lip or Tongue:

If your child has bitten their lip or tongue severely, causing bleeding, gently cleanse the area with water and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. Contact our office for further evaluation.

Object Stuck Between Teeth:

Should your child have an object stuck between their teeth, carefully attempt to remove it with dental floss. Avoid using sharp items that could cause injury. If unsuccessful, call our office for assistance.

Chipped or Broken Tooth:

In the event of a chipped or broken tooth, rinse your child's mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to alleviate swelling. Save any fragments of the tooth and contact us immediately for further instructions.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Dental Emergencies

Taking simple steps can significantly reduce the risk of dental emergencies. Ensure your home is child-proofed to prevent falls, discourage chewing on hard objects, use appropriate safety restraints in vehicles, and provide a mouthguard for sports activities. Regular dental hygiene practices and check-ups are essential in preventing toothaches and other dental emergencies.

Pediatric Dentistry of Palo Alto: Your Trusted Partner

Located at 325 Sharon Park Drive, Suite D3, Menlo Park, CA, Pediatric Dentistry of Palo Alto specializes in managing pediatric dental emergencies with care and efficiency. Dr. Adams and Dr. Jon, along with our dedicated team, are committed to ensuring your child’s dental needs are met promptly and effectively.

For advice on handling dental emergencies or to learn more about our emergency services, please contact us at (650) 321-6448. Trust Pediatric Dentistry of Palo Alto to support your family through urgent dental situations, providing the care and comfort your child needs.

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