Our goal is to provide an environment where your child feels at ease and understood.

From the moment you arrive our administrative team has been briefed on your primary concern and is personally ready to serve you. We will promptly alert your Doctor’s assistant who has also been prepared to meet you, introduce you to either Dr. Adams or Dr. Hurng and assist you in the care of your child.

Personal exam reports are provided at every visit. We believe it is important for whomever brings the child for their visit, to take something home to be shared with the family. We encourage you to involve brothers and sisters in celebrating their siblings dental check up.

Dr. Adams and Dr. Hurng are a team of pediatric specialists working hand in hand to provide peer consultation and expanded treatment availability.

We specialize in caring for the dental needs of medically compromised patients.

As always, we remain committed to providing your child with a Registered Dental Assistant that we have specifically trained to relate to your child. Treating your child in a safe environment is their utmost focus. A dedicated assistant will be with you and your child from the moment care begins, through treatment, and until all of your questions and concerns are answered.

Preventive health is a family affair. We encourage parents to join in the fun and accompany their child in the treatment area if they wish to do so.

Preventive treatment consists of listening to our patients

– Thorough communication to discover your child’s emotional and clinical needs is essential.
– Preventive prophylaxis and fluoride treatment.
– X-rays to determine if there is decay or other possible abnormalities.
– Comprehensive examination and development evaluation.
– Written reports you take home and share with your family. Our reports are designed to allow everyone in the family to have complete knowledge of Doctors findings and recommendations.
– Referrals to the area’s most qualified specialists should the need arise.

Home care instruction and positive encouragement to support your child’s lifetime habit of caring for their dental health and preventing dramatic, avoidable dental conditions.

Online Patient Forms

Help us get to know you better AND help speed up the process of getting in to see Dr. Adams and Dr. Hurng. Before you come in for your first visit, we invite you to complete our New Patient forms. We’ve found that by completing these forms prior to your initial visit, you’ll be much more relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole experience.

Patient Sign In

Financial Information

If you have dental insurance, most insurance companies will cover services provided in our office based on your plan benefits. Dr. Adams and Dr. Hurng work with families to make the best decision on treatment in the interest of the child. This process gives families the ability to choose the right care for their children. If you have any questions about specific dental coverage we are happy to assist you.

As a service for our patients, all insurance forms and associated documentation are processed for them. Our patients find they receive reimbursements from their insurance companies within a reasonable time. We work directly with Delta Premier, Blue Cross PPO and accept Delta PPO with the understanding there may be a patient portion.

We are also happy to assist with affordable payment plans that work into our patients’ budgets for more extensive treatment.

Insurance Information

Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express debit or credit cards
Care Credit: Payment options with little or no interest, depending on terms.

Care Credit payment options will allow you to start your desired dental treatment immediately, have low monthly payments, no activation and annual fees, only takes a few minutes to apply, and can be used for additional treatment without the need to reprocess for yourself or your family.