I’ve always felt extraordinarily lucky to be a pediatric dentist. It’s more of a passion with me than a profession. Perhaps where others find their “work” as a means to earn an income to enable them to lead the kind of life they would like to enjoy, pediatric dentistry is an integral part of what I enjoy most out of life. Ernest Gallo of Ernest and Julio Gallo Wines once said that he felt no need to retire from his job, “just so he could do the things he always wanted to do.” Why? Because he was already doing them! In large part I feel the same way.My vision has been to use my education and experience to develop a private practice that cares for all types of children, chief among them the treatment of the medically complex child, children with special needs such as those with cerebral palsy, autism, developmental disabilities and ADHD to name a few as well as being dedicated to the care of healthy children. I am very proud of the fact that this vision has become a reality and that taking care of so many types of children is not only highly rewarding but a never ending journey. – Everyone on my team believes that all children are special. We are focused on making personal decisions about each “special child’s” needs and recommend treatment in the proper setting that WILL NOT CREATE A NEGATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT.

I believe one of the outstanding advantages our practice has is the fact that we are located on the Stanford University campus directly across the street from Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital. Being on staff at the hospital and in close proximity has enabled us to consult with the pediatrics department as well as treat a wide variety of children with medical conditions whose problems may be exacerbated by preexisting dental conditions (i.e. – Children on chemotherapy for cancer or a child whose immune system has been suppressed in preparation for a heart or liver transplant.).

Personally, I was born in Camp Campbell, Kentucky when my father was in the service. Following that, our family moved to Europe when I was six months old where my father worked as an engineer, living in France and Germany until I was 14. We then moved back to the United States settling in Monterey, Ca. After going to college, “up here” I went back to Harvard for my dental degrees and then to UCLA for my pediatrics residencies. Being a part of a close-knit family, I returned to Monterey and practiced as a pediatric dentist for nine years before returning to Palo Alto to start our present practice, emphasizing the treatment of the medically complex child both in our office and at Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital.

I currently reside in Los Altos and in my spare time I am a semi-prolific reader, enjoy swimming, cycling and am an avid Formula 1 racing fan. I enjoy traveling to various countries during the Formula 1 season whenever possible to catch a race and am currently writing a book having to do with Formula 1 racing.

Training and Education

Harvard University, DMD, FASCDC
Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital, Los Angeles, California, UCLA Pediatric Dental Residency, 1979
UCLA – Research Associate in Oral Biology, 1979 – 1980
UCLA – Clinical Instructor in Pediatric Dentistry, 1979 – 1980

Private Practice

Private Practice in Monterey Bay Area with offices in Salinas and Marina, California, 1980 – 1989
Pediatric Dental Associate, Milpitas and Alviso, California, 1989 – 1992
Private Practice in Palo Alto, 1990 to present.

Hospital Associations and Staff Appointments

Lucile Slater Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford (Staff 1993 – Present)
Assistant Clinical Professor (VCF), Department of Pediatrics
Adjunctive Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics.
Staff Natividad Medical Center, Salinas, California (1980-1989)

Professional Memberships

California Dental Association
American Dental Association
Mid Peninsula Dental Society
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Society of Dentistry for Children
California Society of Pediatric Dentistry
Santa Clara Pediatric Dentistry Academy
Academy of General Dentistry

Professional Contributions

Pediatric Advisory Board – Palo Alto School District (1991 – 1996) California Pedodontic Research Conference (1989)
Dental Advisory Board – Monterey Country Happy Tooth Program (1981- 1985)
Board of Directors, Family Resource Center, Monterey (1984-1988)
Dental Advisor, Childbirth Education League, Monterey Country (1983-1987)
Committee Chair for Dental Health Week for Monterey Bay Dental Society (1983)
Board of Directors, Regional Opportunity Program, Monterey County (1980-1983)
Board of Directors Head Start Program, Monterey County (1980 – 1989)